Classical Ballet

Ballet is a fine art and requires a strong basic foundation. The Cecchetti method is a graded system of classical ballet which takes the student from the first lesson to solo status. Examinations are offered to test the student's proficiency within each of the grades. The exams provide them with an opportunity to perfect their technique and the satisfaction of knowing they have accomplished this goal.

It is "Les Cher's" intent to provide this training through a progression of well-balanced technique classes. Primary classes prepare students for the Grade I Cecchetti Syllabus. The approximate ages for Primary are 3-5 with one class per week.

As the students progress, more intricate patterns are taught in both syllabus classes and non-syllabus classes to develop their minds along with their bodies. The repetition of syllabus is essential for muscle memory. Non-syllabus classes (supplementary to the grades) encourage students to learn new combinations quickly and apply this muscle memory. Preparatory/pointe classes are introduced when the student is physically ready to continue throughout their training.

Exam candidates are required to take a minimum of two classes per week and will be presented for an exam at the directors' discretion. Private lessons may be available to supplement classes for the purpose of extra instruction.

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Class Uniforms

For the girls, the class uniform consists of theatrical pink tights, pink shoes and following leotards:

Primary & Pre-Grade IMirella #M515C / M515L light pink
Grades I - IVMirella #M515C / M515L black
Grades V - VIIMotionwear #MM2643 black (runs small)
 For the boys, the class uniform consists of a white t-shirt, black jazz pants or sweatpants and black shoes.
All of these may be purchased at Dance Supplies, Etc. in Severna Park (410-647-8727), Footlights, in Frederick & Silver Spring (301-696-1558 & 301-326-4351)  
Les Gals, in Silver Spring (301-608-3237)

The only warm-ups permitted will be snug-fitting sweaters and leg warmers.

Hair and Jewelry

Hair must be pulled off the face and securely fastened in a bun. Jewelry should be kept to a bare minimum.


Primary Parking is adjacent to the studio (behind the pool). Additional parking is behind the house.